DRI #No 2PSC Mass Action Continues Despite Ruling

On the 10th December, the Department of Social Defense revealed that it would certainly desert its allure against the Information Protection Compensation’s searchings for that it had actually been illegally refining PSC information. This DPC finding from the 16th August 2019 is currently undisputed. That choice located;

“The processing of individual data by the Department about the providing of PSCs for the purposes of deals in between people and also other specified public bodies (i.e. bodies besides the Division itself) does not have a lawful basis under suitable data defense legislations; especially, such handling opposes Section 2A of the Information Protection Acts, 1988 as well as 2003.”

Despite this, other federal government bodies are continuing to process PSC card information:

DRI’s lawyer, Simon McGarr, talked to Today with Claire Byrne to explain why there is no legal basis for this need and why the mass activity grievance versus the Department of Social Defense is continuous. (Clip: 8 mins)

So, we are pressing forward with our mass issue on behalf of hundreds of complainants against the Department of Public Expenditure and also Reform (DPER), which regulates this use the PSC as an ID card. On the 20th October 2021 the DPC contacted us claiming that they had received entries from DPER in action to our arguments and that they were in the procedure of evaluating them. We will react to those entries as required when we are offered sight of them.

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