DRI Invites the Harassment, Harmful Communications and Related Offences Costs

Black and white photo of person using laptop

DRI invites the brand-new Oireachtas law criminalising the sharing of intimate photos without permission. The Harassment, Harmful Communications and also Related Offences Bill introduces a brand-new offense,”Distributing, publishing or sending out harmful or grossly offending communication”to deal with the continuous situation of on the internet intimidation and also harassment. It likewise introduces two brand-new offences that handle the non-consensual distribution of intimate photos:

  • The taking, distribution, magazine or threat to disperse intimate pictures without consent;
  • The taking, distribution or publication of intimate pictures without permission.

Crucially, the second of these does not intend that the individual intended to create damage to the sufferer– it acknowledges that the act of sharing a person’s pictures without their permission is inherently hazardous. The charges are an endless fine and/or up to 7 years imprisonment.

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