Stop upload filter censorship– oppose the Copyright Regulation

Quit upload filter censorship– oppose the Copyright Directive

Upload filter protest

The European Parliament will vote on the Copyright Instruction today, on 26 March 2019. Over 100,000 Europeans took place the street to object at the weekend. Write-up 17 (formerly Article 13 )is the most contentious part of the proposed Instruction. It provides for automated filtering system of almost all product published to the Internet making use of unproven AI modern technology to try to spot copyright violations. This is an utterly impractical proposal. Read this recap of what Post 17/13 in fact does as well as why you should oppose it. You can still assist. Below’s what you have to do. Figure out what European Parliament constituency you are in(the opportunities are Ireland Dublin, Ireland South

or Ireland Midlands-North-West Comprehend what your MEPs’

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